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I create, stir and keep liquid emotions.

Roberto Pasquale Dario

Roberto Dario.

Since my university degree in Chemistry, I started my career in research. I approached the world of smell when my curiosity drove me to learn more about the scent of the molecules I used to work with in my lab activity.

The discovery of this new sensory dimension led me to become interested first in the extraction technologies of natural essences and then in taking the path of knowledge of the perfumery' raw materials, on a journey of discovery and olfactory experiences, where my chemical knowledge and passion for smells have merged together.

...Mixing the molecules, finding the scent...

Professional Services.


Consultancy for companies and individuals wishing to develop the sensory dimension of their businesses, know-how and products' perceptive applications..

Olfactory project development.

Designing and manufacturing perfumes, ambient fragrances and olfactory signatures, from the idea to the final product.


Organization of olfactory training and educational events about smells, scents and perfumes..

Bespoke Perfumes.

...An appointment to choose your favorite ingredients and make the scent that may represent you, unique and unrepeatable...

  • ...an appointment to choose your favorite ingredients and make the scent that may represent you,
    unique and unrepeatable...


Throughout my career as a consultant, I have worked on and developed several projects of scented products for cosmetics and perfumery; as a lecturer and speaker, I organized several seminars and workshops for the spreading of subjects related to the world of the sense of smell, odors and perfumery.

I am currently the lecturer in the theoretical and practical seminar of perfumery for fourth year classes of the Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies, Cosmetology specialization, at the University of Trieste, Italy.

I am also an Euroisa certified sensory judge.
I am author of the chapter "H - Hand Made" of Smellavolario, the pindaric dictionary of perfume, published by 'Smell-Festival dell'Olfatto', ORABLU Cultural Association.

Download Chapter.


...Molecules, smells, perfumes: from the small details to the perfect whole. ...

My creations for


Rooms fragrances/Olfactive signatures for

LATO V l’Altro Design - Arredamento e Concept store - Santa Maria Capua Vetere (CE)

LA BUFANDA - Abbigliamento - Bassano del Grappa (VI), Barcellona (Esp)

JOCHEN VALENZA - Abbigliamento - Valenza (AL)

Ristorante OASIS Sapori Antichi - Vallesaccarda (AV)


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